8 Little-Known Facts About Selenium

Some facts about Selenium you may haven’t heard yet:

  1. Many chemical reactions require the Selenium element to hasten or catalyze the process.
  2. Selenium is primarily used for making red-colored enamels and glasses and decolorizing them.
  3. Selenium contains anti-fungal properties that are excellent against dandruff and other fungal diseases. Dandruff shampoos won’t be effective without selenium sulfide. So, when going out to black friday online sale, check the label and look for selenium content. After shampoo, make sure to rinse well because selenium does receive residue. See results in less than seven days o use. Its compounded form, Selenium sulfide, is a component in commercially produced anti-dandruff shampoos.
  4. Selenium is used in photocells and solar cells. As a matter of fact, the first solar cell was made and produced from Selenium. One can also harbor its chemical properties as a photographic toner.
  5. In the making of stainless steel, Selenium is paired with bismuth (another element that is symbolized as “Bi” in the periodic table) in brasses. Its ability to directly influence a product’s machinability when mixed with iron and copper-based metals has been beneficial to the industry. It cuts costs and improves efficiency.
  6. According to traffic-masters.net review, taking selenium in right doses can prevent certain diseases. Long term intake of selenium is acceptable as long as it is taken in small quantity. Avoid selenium products with no seal nor reputable manufacturing company. When it comes to your health, it’s always to be sure than sorry. Although Selenium can be considered as a harmful substance when taken in large consumptions, it is also an important trace element for nutrition among organisms. An enzyme (glutathione peroxidase) relies heavily on Selenium for it to function properly.

  7. A poor Selenium diet can increase your risk of cancer. Cancer patients were advised to take a sufficient amount of selenium. The godaddy promo code for domain registration allows users to share their experiences on what helped them with their chemo. Selenium was praised for making the journey better. Though it is not a cure, it does help the body overcome the toil caused by cancer. But too much consumption of the element can lead to poisoning and even death.
  8. Plants require sulfur for growth and nourishment. But in its absence, they resort to consuming Selenium instead. Hence, the element is still introduced into the food chain. Plants growing on low sulfur-containing soils often have high levels of selenium compounds. Organisms eating on this Selenium-rich vegetations can succumb to illness or death.


Are you planning on using Selenium into your manufactured goods?

Before selecting a high-grade selenium product and/or alloys, there are factors you may need to consider:


  • Cost of your materials and production
  • Volume of supplies
  • Size of your site
  • Specific state licenses, codes, and regulations


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